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Braided Laces: Flat and Round

The braided laces can be round or flat, they can also vary in terms of type of stitch, raw material, thickness and even design.

It is our flagship product, and for this reason has been year after year not only increasing production capacity but also diversifying the type of machines for its production. 


Twisted Laces

The Twisted Laces, as the name implies, is a lace that is machine-twisted and can have two to three cables, thus resulting in a range of thicknesses between 1mm and 10mm, varying in the type of raw material: polyester, cotton, jute...

Jacquard Laces

The Jacquard Lace is a product with a wide range of customization.

It is custom from color, letters, drawings, formats etc...

The raw materials most used in this product are polyamide and polyester.


Waxed Lace

O Cordão Encerado pode ser em Fita ou Redondo, tendo espessuras entre 1mm a 10mm.

No acabamento é aplicado uma goma que depois de polida dá o aspeto final ao cordão brilhante.

Costume Laces

Os Cordões de Fantasia podem ser feitos com fio de Lurex, com Refletor, estampados, pintados etc...

image1 (2).jpeg

Needles Lace

The Needles lace is made on a circular machine that has needles making a round or flat lace and the lace design can be changed as well as color and thickness combinations.

maquina agulhas.jpg

Chenille Lace

Chenille lace or towel lace as it is also known, is a lace with a velvety appearance. Its composition normally contains cotton, silk and wool. 

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